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      The word “contemporary” means “of the moment”.  Contemporary kitchens are designed to give a sleek visual appearance that is clean and simple.  This European style of cabinetry dates back to the 1970s and often displays a modern, art deco, and sometimes futuristic look.  The use of high-tech industrial looking appliances, ecofriendly materials, and striking colors compliment your kitchen and create a bold statement.  Integrating  vivid colors with stainless steel, back-painted glass, high-gloss exotic veneers, and granite or quartz surfaces gives your kitchen a stylish look.
      Making the cabinetry more eye-catching, this style features straight and curved lines, unique textures, and utilizes ambient, accent, and task lighting.  Contemporary kitchens combine the best elements from the last century to achieve a current look that will stand the test of time.  The designers at Lea Craft Kitchens are experts that will create your contemporary kitchen, boasting an innovative, yet timeless appeal.

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